Who we are

The Native Vegetation Panel is made up of three members whose combination of expertise is used to make an objective assessment of applications to clear native vegetation. The Panel has been selected by the Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW to include highly experienced and qualified individuals ensuring key interests are represented in the assessment process. Members of the Native Vegetation Panel include:

  • Chairperson – the chairperson has expertise in planning, public administration or social assessment
  • Member - this member has expertise in economics, agricultural economics or agricultural land production systems
  • Member - this member has expertise in ecology or the protection and conservation of biodiversity

The Native Vegetation Panel Secretariat

The Native Vegetation Panel Secretariat, provided by Local Land Services, provides professional and technical support to the Native Vegetation Panel. It acts as the main point of contact for landholders, applicants, the public and Government agencies regarding Native Vegetation Panel applications and processes. The Native Vegetation Panel Secretariat coordinates and facilitates the Native Vegetation Panel’s decision-making processes and aims to provide efficient, transparent and customer focussed support services.